An example of bad DNS delegation?

An example of bad DNS delegation?

From: Michael McKinnon <mjm§>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 10:04:33 +1000
Here is a DNS Challenge, for all you brainy DNS folk...

Look at and tell me what is wrong.

Apart from the fact that they are delegated to, it would appear
that they should really be delegated to

And why does have an SOA on this as well?

I have no connection with DSE, I just wanted to get to their website!

I spoke with their Website Manager and she didn't believe me, and the only
email address she could give me was at, which I can't even get to
(through Telstra ADSL using Telstra nameservers!)


BTW. I have made my assumptions based on the following four commands:

dig &#167; any
dig &#167; any
dig &#167; any
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