RE: [DNS] Transfering Domains

RE: [DNS] Transfering Domains

From: Arran Bartish <arran§>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 15:19:06 +1000
Hi James,

You have been issued a ticket for your query.  The ticket number is: 241

Listed below are the details of the ticket and suggested solution.

Ticket ID   0019-0241  
Registrar   General Public  
Enquiry Type   Email  
Registrar User   General Public  
Issue   Unable to transfer domain  
Solution   The registry operator is contractually bound to only make
updates and provide information as requested by auda accredited
registrars. It is suggested to contact your sponsoring registrar and
request them to communicate with Ausregistry on your behalf. If you have
a specific complaint regarding dealings with a registrar, it is
suggested to contact auDA. auDA is the government body which determines
the policies relating to domain name registration for the .au namespace.
More information is available at:  
Status   Closed  
Opened By User   Ben Constable  
Closed By User   Ben Constable  
Date Opened   Not Set  
Date Closed   14-Sep-2002 04:26:52 PM  
Last Updated   14-Sep-2002 04:26:52 PM  


Support Team
AusRegistry Pty. Ltd.
Level 6, 10 Queens Rd
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004
Email: support&#167;

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From: James Fiander [mailto:jfiander&#167;] 
Sent: Saturday, 14 September 2002 2:36 PM
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Subject: [DNS] Transfering Domains

Right... heres the deal... We don't have access to the email address
as admin for and we want to transfer to a different
registrar (Melbourne IT) I can't get our new registrar to do ANYTHING
without the "Domain Password" which I'm informed is the same thing as a
"Registry Key" by Melbounre IT... which I don't have... and I can't get
Melbourne IT to budge on anything unless we have access to the old email
address... _OR_ I send in a paper form and wait 7 working days.. and
through flaming hoops 3 through 12...

Any Suggestions?

James Fiander

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