RE: [DNS] Notification of DNS name server changes

RE: [DNS] Notification of DNS name server changes

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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 12:55:53 +1000
The notification of redelegation is very much a useful feature as it gives the original DNS holders notification that they need to remove (or otherwise modify) their name server configurations. I would say 99% of customers would not notify
their old DNS providers - but complain bitterly a few days/weeks/months later when "old ISP" customers "can't see my new website".

It should be in a registrars best interest to make sure a domain redelegation goes as smoothly as possible, and DNS integrity is kept.

Of course, it's in the DNS providers best interest to make sure they only hold zones they are authorative for too, but it's polite for the registrar to let them know in advance of a move.

Melbourne IT should be proud that their system is (used to be anyway) better than "standard practice".

AUDA should be doing more to encourage better DNS practices by insisting on this for all .au registrars.

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> I am bewildered as to why redelegation notifications are now being
> withdrawn by Melbourne IT. 

Just to clarify, services that have previously been available are not being "withdrawn" by Melbourne IT.  Melbourne IT has had to rewrite its domain name registration system from scratch for the new Registry environment.  Not all
features in the past have yet been implemented for the new system (the old features were progressively developed over 6 years).

> How are we as an ISP supposed to know that requests are being made to
> redelegate our customers domains elsewhere.
> We require this to obviously update our DNS when appropriate,
> or contact 
> our customers in situations where we feel they may have been 
> duped by a 
> fast-talking webhosting company who knows nothing about the 
> way DNS operates.
> Do other registrars previously/currently notify the authoritative
> nameserver that a redelegation request is in progress?

The ".au" environment is now much closer to the gtld environment of .biz and
.info, and soon to be .com/net/org.  In this environment it is not standard
practice to inform the owners of nameservers of the changes.  It is expected
that registrants would have informed their providers before making changs in
names server entries.

However I agree it has been a useful service in the past and we will
consider developing the software to do that in future.

Bruce Tonkin

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