RE: [DNS] Notification of DNS name server changes

RE: [DNS] Notification of DNS name server changes

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:21:03 +1000
I've had customers whose email appears to break, simply because I've not
been told of a redelegation, but I still host their website and retain a DNS
entry.  I've also spent hours trying to track down a rogue DNS entry that
hasn't been removed from somebody else's name server.

I'm my experience the majority of customers have no idea of the difference
between site hosting, domain hosting and mail hosting.

I see it as a service issue for the customer, because the majority simply
sign a delegation transfer (often in pursuit of the "cheapest renewal")
without fully understanding the ramifications of that action.

Maybe this is a matter for inclusion in the Code of Conduct at its next

Ron Stark

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Thank you Bruce for the clarification.

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Bruce Tonkin wrote:

> The ".au" environment is now much closer to the gtld environment of .biz
> .info, and soon to be .com/net/org.  In this environment it is not
> practice to inform the owners of nameservers of the changes.  It is
> that registrants would have informed their providers before making changs
> names server entries.

Experience from the real world suggests that this view may be a little
optimistic :-(

It also isn't too useful in cases such as where a domain becomes
undelegated due to expiry (e.g. the registrant no longer exists).

> However I agree it has been a useful service in the past and we will
> consider developing the software to do that in future.

Yes please.

I'm even tempted to suggest that this is a sufficiently basic service that
it perhaps should have been in the registry (as distinct from registrar)
spec.  I guess it's too late now?


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