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Re: [DNS] RE:

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 16:34:59 +0200
Quoting bw on Saturday September 21, 2002:
| No, I dont think the law (oops rule) should be in place,
| if wording is a way to avoid it, they will...
| why have such a rule in the first place?

Because Australia runs on a principle (that was reaffirmed last year
in public consultation) that domain names are given to those who
demonstrate their name (business name etc.) is connected with the domain
they are applying for, and there should be equitable access to such
domains for those that are eligible. If the domain is registered to an
entity on that basis, then it makes no sense for there to be a free
transfer of domains after registration, or to encourage a second-hand
resale/cybersquatting market.

Why don't you read through the historical documents that led to the
current policies? So far you don't seem to know anything about why
things are how they are - which makes it hard to take any of your
comments seriously (especially given the sheer number of emails you are
pushing out of little substance).

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