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Dassa <dassa&#167;> wrote:

> A lease on premises is not always transferred to new owners
> of a business.  It is up to the owner of the property and
> the original lease agreements as to if this is possible.  A
> new lease is often negotiated.  If the existing lease allows
> for a transfer then it may take place but the original lease
> agreement has to be abided by.  An agreement is usually between
> two or more entities, you can't just replace one of them with
> another unless the agreement also includes provisions for such
> a transfer.

If the business being sold is incorporated, agreements and
licenses need not be affected --- a company has a separate legal
existence from its owners.

If Example Pty Ltd were sold, there would be no change of
registrant in the domain name licence for --- the
registrant would remain unaltered as Example Pty Ltd.

I've search the following and I didn't find anything about the
owners (or directors) of a company changing:

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