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|> A client of mine just purchased another business, and along with that
|> business, came the website.   The business 'leases' the domain name -
|> therefore if the business is sold, so to is the 'lease'.   By saying
|> anything different, its like saying that the lease on a 
|> business premises isn't transferred when the business is sold.

A lease on premises is not always transferred to new owners of a
business.  It is up to the owner of the property and the original lease
agreements as to if this is possible.  A new lease is often negotiated.
If the existing lease allows for a transfer then it may take place but
the original lease agreement has to be abided by.  An agreement is
usually between two or more entities, you can't just replace one of them
with another unless the agreement also includes provisions for such a

You don't own agreements, they are not exactly assets you can barter.
All parties to an agreement have to be agreeable to any transfers unless
the agreement specifically allows for a transfer without further

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