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|> A client of mine just purchased another business, and along with that
|> business, came the website.   The business 'leases' the domain name -
|> therefore if the business is sold, so to is the 'lease'.   By saying
|> anything different, its like saying that the lease on a 
|> business premises isn't transferred when the business is sold.
|> If a business has an active website that is producing 
|> leads/selling products for the business, why can't it be 
|> transferred along with the business?

The contents of a website can be sold/transferred.  That doesn't mean
the hosting arrangement can be.  It all depends on the original hosting
agreement.  Most hosting providers don't really care but I for one would
want to be sure that any agreements I have entered into aren't
transferred without my checking out who they are being transferred to.
For instance a website and hosting agreement may be transferred to an
undesirable client with a known bad credit history or a known criminal
(terrorist activist, whatever).

You can't sell what you don't own.  You can only make arrangements for
your current leases/agreements to carry over to the new person if the
other parties are satisfied.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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