From: Niall Baird <nbaird§>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 08:36:26 +1000
A client of mine just purchased another business, and along with that
business, came the website.   The business 'leases' the domain name -
therefore if the business is sold, so to is the 'lease'.   By saying
anything different, its like saying that the lease on a business premises
isn't transferred when the business is sold.

If a business has an active website that is producing leads/selling products
for the business, why can't it be transferred along with the business?

Niall Baird
Managing Director
VB Web Solutions Pty Ltd

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|> No, I dont think the law (oops rule) should be in place,
|> if wording is a way to avoid it, they will...
|> if the auDA step over the line they may wear egg,
|> why have such a rule in the first place?
|> who are they to decide if your selling a private business?
|> Bernard Weekes

Anyone can sell a business but if the sale includes items that are
covered by external license agreements such as applied to domain names
or software, it may make the sale null and void, something no business
would wish for.  You can't sell something you don't own, license
agreements as they are written now don't allow you to onsell the
products, that goes for most software and definitely domain names.
Before anyone tries such a venture they consult a good lawyer.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch
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