Re: [DNS] Price of fish

Re: [DNS] Price of fish

From: Chris Berkeley <magic2147§>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:19:14 +1000
On 23 Sep 2002 at 4:57, Saliya Wimalaratne wrote:

> it's the domain holder's responsibility to manage
> their domain (this is true of the 'old' system AND the 'new' one). Not
> someone else's. 

Yes but under the old system there was a way people who were involved with domains 
(ie.including those doing work for registrants) had some chance of knowing what was 
going on with a domain and advising the registrant appropriately.

Now you can't go "somewhere" to find everything you need to know about a domain 
even if you have the key. 

If for some reason the domain record has become outdated and the original emails no 
longer work, the registrant has to complete a set of forms that are both 
incomprehensible and time consuming. Then having done that it takes ages for the 
registry key to be forthcoming - if at all. If it isn't provided promptly you have to go 
through the whole process again. This all costs someone time and money.

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