RE: [DNS] Price of fish

RE: [DNS] Price of fish

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§>
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:44:21 +0100

A fair question indeed.  My instinctive answer is that that is the nature
of a competitive market - operators who do not provide adequate service
will in due course lose their market and go out of business.  

That said, auDA is in a position (and IMO is obliged) to ensure that registrars
are providing adequate service by (a) spelling out minimum requirements
and (b) regularly reviewing registrar's policies and procedures to ensure


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>I am inclined to agree in general with your conclusions
>But I have one reservation...and question...
>Why should it be the consumer who is allowed to suffer at the hands of
>poorly managed and unscrupulous business operators who may or may not be
>in business for long?
>In a modern economy basic Keynesian economics don't always apply in the
>short term.
>All would be fine IMO if the business operators were bound more tightly
>for the sake of protecting the end consumer and surely then those who
>went the extra mile would also be rewarded by repeat custom.
>Phil Wright
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>If I were a registrar or even a reseller, I would be doing everything
>my power to ensure that I had contacted every domain name holder on my
>at least twice in the month or two preceding the expiration of their
>I don't think it's got anything to do with being 'required' to contact
>registrants whose names are expiring, its just plain common business
>After all, if they're going to renew, they're going to have to pay you
>to do so.
>Also, the costs of doing so are trivial if you have any sort of database
>all and are IMO a normal cost of operating in this industry that would
>be well covered by the revenue received by customers renewing their
>Any registrar that doesn't send out some sort of expiry warning to their
>customers is not going to be in business for very long at all.
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