RE: [DNS] domain expiry issues

RE: [DNS] domain expiry issues

From: Adrian Kinderis <adriank§>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 13:09:30 +1000
Cb said:

My beefs were:
a) the fact that Ausregistry has taken down an active web site without
taking any action

Not our responsibility - plain and simple.

It is unfortunate, but the way it is. Registrars and auDA do NOT want
the registry contacting Registrants (which is fair enough...). You can
be rest assured you'd only complain about the spamming.

Please take a good look at what "other" registries do world-wide. We go
a long way in protecting our registrants, resellers and registrars by
remaining impartial.

Finally - do not forget that we have absolutely no power. We make no
decisions. Every action made by the registry is undertaken due to policy
or direction of the governing body - auDA.

Surely by now you understand our roles in the new regime...

Adrian Kinderis
MD - Sales and Marketing
AusRegistry Pty. Ltd.

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On 23 Sep 2002 at 17:53, Bruce Tonkin wrote:

> I do not agree that it is the role of the registry to inform
> about expiry, just as it is not auDA role to do this.
> We have a competitive registrar market, and it is the registrars'
> responsibility for managing customer contact in consultation with
> - there is a large section in the code of conduct that deals with
> contact.  Registrants will eventually choose registrars that have
> full life-cycle systems.  ie some new entrants may focus on new
> registrations with no systems for maintenance or renewal of domain

My beefs were:
a) the fact that Ausregistry has taken down an active web site without
taking any action 
to aprise the registrant that they were going to do it. 
b) Connect West had become the registrar even though they had not been
by the registrant to become the registrar
c) notwithstanding the fact that the renewal was paid now more than 24
hours ago to the 
registrar the Ausregistry database has not been updated and the domain
is not visible.

I would have thought that b) would be of particular interest to you

In regard to c) it is hard to see how registrants in the predicament
this registrant finds 
itself in have been in any way advantaged by this new system. Under the
old system 
the MIT records would have been updated within a couple of hours and the
site visible.

And would somebody please explain how it is that Connect West could
become the 
registrar without having any authorisation from the registrant.


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