RE: [DNS] domain expiry issues

RE: [DNS] domain expiry issues

From: <magic2147§>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:06:54 +1000
On 24 Sep 2002 at 13:09, Adrian Kinderis wrote:

> Cb said:
> My beefs were:
> a) the fact that Ausregistry has taken down an active web site without
> taking any action
> Not our responsibility - plain and simple.
> It is unfortunate, but the way it is. Registrars and auDA do NOT want
> the registry contacting Registrants (which is fair enough...). You can
> be rest assured you'd only complain about the spamming.

Well if your definition of spam is a legitimate contact from a party with whom you have 
a business relationship (albeit at arms length)  in order to warn you of the fact that they 
are about to take drastic action in relation to your business I am surprised that your 
spam filter lets anything through.

Anyway at the point that you are about to take a site down it is incumbent on you to 
ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the registrant is aware 
of what is about to happen.

> Please take a good look at what "other" registries do world-wide. We go
> a long way in protecting our registrants, resellers and registrars by
> remaining impartial.

Well if the "worlds best practice" is crap I don't think we should follow it.  To paraphrase 
your website "that is there, this is here".

And also we know that some accredited .au registrars have been involved in very 
dubious practices relating to their gtld domain registration businesses including 
deliberately not notifying registrants that  the domains are due for renewal and then 
registering the domains in their own or bogus names and subsequently offering them for 
sale at inflated prices.

In view of this you should be careful before taking websites down.

I am aware that the current .au rules are supposed to prevent this but it is not 
impossible to imagine ways in which the rules could be circumvented. 

> Finally - do not forget that we have absolutely no power. We make no
> decisions. Every action made by the registry is undertaken due to policy
> or direction of the governing body - auDA.

So what are you actually getting paid on average something approaching $30 per 
domain for? No responsibility or power but all the gold and glory it would seem.


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