dear oh dear.

dear oh dear.

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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 21:29:44 +1000
One of our clients has received a letter from our dear friends at DDNS who are still 
claiming to be "Australia's Favourite Domain Name Provider".

Rod, on what basis are you making that claim?

(Now perhaps Rod is getting confused as in Victoria where he operates from the 
participants in the world's old profession are officially called "providers" and perhaps by 
using such a term he is implying that he is offering services in  relation to domains 
which are can only be imagined.)

Anywho I digress. In the letter Rod  goes on to make the following statements:

*   "...don't pay any more than necessary."
*   "Take advantage of the significant savings we offer your company today."
*   "... renew today at the lowest price."

When you turn the page you find that the price Rod offers the poor mugs who fall for his 
blandishments is $132.00 including GST for a two year extension on their gtld domain.

Now that is a rip off in anybody's language. Is ANYBODY paying that kind of money for 
a gtld domain renewal? I would be normally be offering our client renewal of this 
domain at $66 for the two years and still consider the profit to be reasonable.

Now I said "normally" because sadly when this domain was registered originally it was 
with "the original half price registrar" Totalnic aka Capital Networks who won't let me 
transfer the domain to a cheaper and more reliable registrar unless the registrant 
supplies them with notarised doco. So unfortunately the domain has to stay where it is 
and the price for renewal a little higher which we will charge out net.

But wait there is more. Rod offers to supply the registrant with an optional "Certificate of 
Domain name Ownership" for $20. Perhaps that's Rod's USP: his clients don't just 
licence a domain name they actually get to own it.  But in that regard I understand that 
Rod resells gtld domains on behalf of TPP and they supply the certs confirming the 
registration/renewal of domains in PDF format for free. IMNSHO charging $20 for such 
a document unless it comes in a gilt frame is a bit rich.

So there we have it. Rod and his shoddy little accredited business make misleading 
statements, rip people off and imply in their advertising that they can give something to 
people that they simply are unable to deliver.

Want me to "shut up" now Rod? Do you? Or do you have a substantive response for a 
change? Or will you get your little mate Chris to post another admonishment to keep on 

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