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Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 23:32:09 +1000 (EST)
ICANN closes in on .org successor
The Internet address regulator gives a nod to a group of
thousands of computer engineers in their bid to run the
non-profit domain

Internet Society Close to Win of '.Org' Domain 
The backing of a key online regulator on Monday brought a
group of computer professionals closer to control of the
".org" Internet domain, home to millions of nonprofits and
community groups.

ICANN moves closer to deciding new .org managers
Millions of non-profit and community groups are one step
closer to having tighter control over their Internet
Top-Level Domain (TLD) ".org", with a big win imminent for
a small group of computer professionals.,7204,5148890%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Seventh Update on .org Reassignment Process
This is an update on the status of the evaluation of the
eleven applications ICANN received from entities seeking to
become the registry operator for the .org top-level domain
on 1 January 2003, when VeriSign, Inc. gives up that role.
For more information, see these earlier updates:

ICANN still rules the Net
The governance of the Internet remains in the hands of
ICANN, but the organisation has been ordered to be more

E-Legal: -- A Safe Place on the Internet for
The Department of Commerce has chosen NeuStar Inc. to
manage the dot-us country code top-level domain. In this
role, NeuStar will apply separate treatment to a group of
reserved names, including the "" domain name.
NeuStar has issued proposed guidelines regarding content
for Web sites within this domain and is seeking comments.
The proposals are just the first step in the effort to
protect children online.

Nike Loses Split Decision For - from
A split three-member WIPO Panel found against Nike in its
case against Circle Group Internet for its registration and
use of Although the majority felt that the
registrant's use of the domain name could qualify as bad
faith, it stated that Nike had not proven that the domain
name had been registered in bad faith. Panelist Andrew
Christie disagreed and issued a dissent in the case.

Philip Morris Sues Internet Cigarette Retailers - from
Yesterday, tobacco giant Philip Morris announced that it
had filed eight lawsuits against Internet cigarette
retailers.  The suits, filed in the Central District of
California and the Southern District of New York, allege
that the retailers are violating the company's trademarks
and are selling cigarettes in violation of state and
federal laws. Read more on this story at
The retailers now have an opportunity to demonstrate that
they are engaged in legitimate business on the Internet.  

ICANN extends contract with US government (reg req'd)
The memorandum of understanding between the US government
and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
will be extended for a year, until September 30 2003.

ICANN's new deal from the US
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), the non-profit body that oversees the Domain Name
System has had its tenure extended for a one year period by
the United States Department of Commerce (DoC).

Legal wrangle over domain name privacy 
A legal row has broken out between internet service
provider Demon and the UK domain registrar Nominet over its
controversial plans to publish the contact details of
website owners.,7496,798249,00.html

auDA call for nominations
auDA has issued a call for nominations to its board of
directors. The election will take place at auDA's annual
general meeting in early November in Melbourne. Details
will be announced in mid-October. Sues Rival Over Poaching 
Domain name registrar has filed suit against
rival Domain Registry of America, charging it with using's brand and logo to steal customers. Won't Meet Forecasts Inc., the second-largest supplier of Web
addresses in the United States, on Tuesday warned that it
doesn't expect to meet third-quarter revenue and earnings
projections, citing slow sales in July, less demand in
August and little improvement in September.

Register To Close Domain Reseller Afternic 
Two years after it acquired domain re-seller Afternic for
$48 million, domain name registrar said it
would close the unit.

Analysis: A step by step guide to recycling the ultimate
consumer item
At last, a sensible use for the Millennium Dome.
Apparently, the 15 million mobile phones replaced in
Britain each year would fill it 14 times over. Certainly,
putting the redundant ones in the Dome would turn it into a
fitting symbol of a problem our consumer society is now
facing: what to do with things that haven't worn out and
won't decay on their own.

Mentioning the war 
The German minister who likened Bush to Hitler was sacked.
So what will happen to Al Gore? 
In a speech this week, a senior western politician
controversially compared the effects of George Bush's
foreign policy to the conditions which created the rise of
Adolf Hitler. But the politician in question was not the
unfortunate former German justice minister Herta
Däubler-Gmelin, who was sacked by Chancellor Gerhard
Schröder on Monday for saying much the same thing at the
height of the German election. The man who drew the
comparison this time was none other than former US
vice-president Al Gore.,5673,798615,00.html

Robert Fisk: The dishonesty of this so-called dossier
If these pages of trickery are based on 'probably' and
'if', we have no business going to war
Tony Blair's "dossier" on Iraq is a shocking document.
Reading it can only fill a decent human being with shame
and outrage. Its pages are final proof – if the contents
are true – that a massive crime against humanity has been
committed in Iraq. For if the details of Saddam's building
of weapons of mass destruction are correct – and I will
come to the "ifs" and "buts" and "coulds" later – it means
that our massive, obstructive, brutal policy of UN
sanctions has totally failed. In other words, half a
million Iraqi children were killed by us – for nothing.


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