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From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 22:50:34 +1000 (EST)
auDA publishes list of unallocated ‘generic’ names
auDA has today published the list of names that were
not allocated in the generic auction process. The names
will become available for registration on Thursday 3
October 2002 at 11.00am AEST.

Hammer falls on .au domain name auction
About half the domain names included in an auction of generic names weren't allocated, and will be
available on a "first come first served basis" in an
upcoming auction.,2000024981,20268564,00.htm

DNC rules domain names must be transferred
The Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monahan has reached a
decision on the name ownership row, but has
muddied the waters by claiming she has no jurisdiction over
the matter.!opendocument

Domainz updates terms after problems
Domainz, the domain name registry company, has amended its
terms and conditions following problems with the launch of
its new second level domain,!opendocument

Washington Post battles domain claim 
The Washington Post Co. threatened an anti-abortion
activist with legal action on Friday for registering a
similar domain name and snatching e-mail messages intended
for reporters.

Domain registry criticised by Thus
Thus, a UK telecoms and internet provider, has declared
that a move by Nominet, the UK registry for internet domain
names, to publish the contact addresses of all domain name
registrants not classified as "individuals" was illegal.

Strategies for International Domain Name Enforcement (reg
What follows is a checklist of issues and a summary of tips
and resources for those involved in international domain
name enforcement. The materials are presented in outline,
rather than discoursive, format. They do not include case
summaries or strategic recommendations. In addition, the
materials presume a basic familiarity with the terminology
of domain name disputes. Useful summaries of nearly every
significant U.S. court decision on internet-trademark
topics can be found at our website renewal strategy responsible for loss? Inc may have shot itself in the foot to an
extent when it introduced a controversial customer
retention system in January 2001, writes Kevin Murphy. The
company reported yesterday that it will make a loss for the
first time in over a year, and its SafeRenew system seems
at least partly to blame.

Anyone Using AAA For .us Disputes? - from 
It has been nearly seven months since NeuStar announced the
American Arbitration Association (AAA) as the first dispute
provider for .us. The National Arbitration Forum (NAF)
became the second .us dispute provider on April 10, 2002.
Since then, the NAF has issued 10 .us decisions and 11
other cases are pending. AAA has not posted a list of cases
or decisions and currently refers visitors to NeuStar's
website. So is anyone using them?

No Limit In Odd Decision - from 
In one of the more strangely written decisions to be
released in a while, NAF panelist Tom Arnold ordered the
transfer of to well-known rap
mogul Percy Miller, better known as Master P. While Arnold
declined to transfer to Miller, he
also refused to transfer and to the Respondent as it had
requested in a counterclaim. Miller, the driving force
behind underground label No Limit Records, had recently
renamed the company New No Limit Records after moving from
Priority to Universal. Warning: This is a difficult
decision to read.

Comments on ICANN Zone Access Policy
Historically, all Internet zones were available to retrieve
using the AXFR protocol without restriction. In earlier
name server implementations, in fact, there was no
provision to limit the distribution of zones to a
restricted set of name servers.


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