Re: [DNS] Generics from Enetica, anyone?

Re: [DNS] Generics from Enetica, anyone?

From: <magic2147§>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 15:05:29 +1000
On 3 Oct 2002 at 13:26, George Iliades wrote:

> If you are in a 30 second race with a 1 in 1 to a 1 in 10 chance of winning
> and you start 40 minutes after race what chance do you have?
> a/ zero
> b/ none
> c/ zippo
> d/ a snowballs hope in hell
> So "We lost 11 domains through enetica"
> Also the time and effort that went into informing and contacting our clients
> is lost.

Well George ya should never listened to that shiela from Enterica who pesters the life 
outta me every 13 and a half days.

We had two "gold" domains to register on behalf of a client and did them trhu 
INWW/MIT at their premium price and got one out of two. Ain't bad. 

We had 5 domains to register on behalf of clients who were interested but didn't /want 
to spend $500 and did them thru TPP who assured us that their systems could cope 
with that kind of volume (provided we did a little bit of work at our end other than just fill 
out an online form) and got 4 which is very good.

We tried out Enterica on some 3 domains for clients who were vaguely interested and 
got none.

And as an aside I was looking though the list of still availables (thanks Josh) and 
noticed that one name which would suit a well known retailer had not gone off. I rang 
'em in the hope of cadging the biz and was told "Oh that's all right we gave our 
computer man $700 to secure that." (As at the time of writing it is still available.) So did 
some peeps tell their clients "that'll be $500 plus fees for the premium service  thanks" 
and then sweat on it not going off and pocketing the difference?

Kind regards

Chris Berkeley
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