RE: [DNS] And The Winner Is!

RE: [DNS] And The Winner Is!

From: Michael-Pappas <auda§>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 13:14:22 +1000 (EST)

> Now, suppose I am an individual involved in the financial services
> industry. There are several ways in which I can secure a number of
> relevant domain names.
> Secondly, I could apply for multiple names under the close and
> substantial rule set out above. NOTE that the domain name needs to
> REFER to a product I sell or service I provide. So I might apply for
> as referring to a service I provide on the basis that
> analysts provide me with investment strategy advice I give to me
> customers.
> There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a registrant holding multiple
> domain names. Let's get clear here. The main concern, I think, is that
> domain name speculation will happen. The solution to that is NOT to
> prevent multiple registrations but to ensure that the transfer of
> domain names is allowed only under certain specific circumstances. In
> that respect:

I don't think that anyone is disputing the examples that you give as these
are fairly self explained. If you wanted or
as a service then it's a little iffy in relation to financial services.
And especially when add more of the same to the list you want to register.
If there are 10+ for one company it should be check before entered and not
taken at face value, in fact the face value of a registrants eligibility
is diminished the more registrations are placed.

It seems to me that common sense with regards to bulk purchases it thrown
out the window for the sake of profits and getting a sale.



 1. There is currently an interim policy covering this (see
> and a more comprehensive
> policy is being developed.
> 2. auDA follows up each and every attempted 'sale' of a domain name
> with a formal letter requiring the offer to be terminated. Failure to
> respond results in the name being placed in pending delete and this
> usually results in a response giving the undertakings required.
> 3. A transfer or change of registrant in the database can only be done
> by the registry and only with auDA's consent.
> Finally, in circumstances where auDA discovers that a registrant has
> breached the warrant given at the time of registration auDA has to
> power to revoke the domain name licence.
> Regards,
> Chris Disspain
> CEO - auDA
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> Vic wrote:
>> a registrars job is not to call customers liars, if a customer
> warrants
>> they have a product or service that is a close and substantial
>> connection to a domain name they have to give it to them.
> But it is also a registrar job to obtain and collect all relevant
> details
> to substantiate the claim, if it's not easily defined at face value,
> (which some, if not most of these geberic registrations seems to be)
> the registrar can and should collect details, on record, that the
> registrant is eligible for the domain name.
> There is obviously something wrong if a claim is made by one business
> that
> the do everything from computers to toothpicks or whatever it may be.
> As was raised previously, (sorry can remember of hand who but you know
> who you are) claims like this can clash with industries standards and
> are a conflicts of interest, just on this fact registrars should be
> wary of the
> registrant and there claims.
> Seeking out more information will only help if there is an audit by the
> auDA and I'm sure that if registered domains get revoked under the
> registrar agreement the specific registrar will loose out more than the
> serial registrant.. or what ever we want to call them.
> Regards,
> Michael-Pappas.
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