RE: [DNS] More Domains For Sale § ebay

RE: [DNS] More Domains For Sale § ebay

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Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 22:03:16 +1000
Should we be surprised by this and other secondary (after) market activity?

When domain name licences are sold in a primary (issue) market at prices which
do not reflect their market value -- an inherent characteristic of the first
come, first served system of allocation -- there is a real incentive for
speculation, cybersquatting and hoarding.  The risks of financial losses for
these market players are relatively small by comparison with the financial

If current auDA regulatory policies are maintained, auDA is likely to be kept
very busy trying to discourage or suppress secondary market activity.
Unfortunately, the bulk of consumers seem likely to have to fund this regulatory
activity by auDA.

auDA may consider removing the barriers to the development of an orderly
secondary market -- for example, by lifting or relaxing the restrictions on
transfer of domain names licences between registrants -- and, in so doing, it
may also capture a "share" of the windfall gains or profits, for redistribution
to the community it serves.

Ian Johnston, Policy Consultant
Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre (SETEL)

SETEL is a national small business consumer association
advancing the interest of Australian small business
as telecommunications and e-commerce consumers

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