RE: [DNS] FW: MelbourneIT Mailout

RE: [DNS] FW: MelbourneIT Mailout

From: Dave Hooper <dave§>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 22:53:19 +1000
> Dave, a lot of bad publicity for you simply because you chose 
> not to enter into a new agreement with them???? Can't be good 
> for business mate.
> ginger FISH


As you know any of these types of emails only confuse clients. This
leads to added support at our end, not to mention the damage done to our

Most clients (unfortunately) do not have a complete understanding of the
way domain regsitration operates. They take one look at paragraphs like

"We are writing to inform you that Melbourne IT has terminated its
Agreement with DOMAIN RESELLER and therefore DOMAIN RESELLER will no
longer be able to manage the maintenance and renewal of your
domain name using the reseller interface to Melbourne IT's domain name

....and immediately think the sky is about to fall in. Within minutes of
these MelbourneIT emails being sent to MY clients I had three emails
asking "have you gone broke", and "is this another hoax" etc.

You are correct Ginge, it's not good for business at all.

Dave Hooper.
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