RE: [DNS] Thanks Melbourne IT

RE: [DNS] Thanks Melbourne IT

From: David Moore <moored§>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 22:47:54 +1000
I for on am gradually moving all domains from Melbourne IT and have been
very dissatisfied with the handling of domains. My bitch is you have to
wait until the domain name comes up for renewal before you can move it,
unlike the .com system that lets you move the domain but just adds an
extra year to the renewal date as with TotalNIC.

Regards David Moore

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Here is the letter they have emailed out;


This is an automatically generated message.  Please do not respond to
this message.

If you require assistance, see the 'GETTING HELP' section below.

Dear Com.AU Registrant,

This is an official notice from Melbourne IT, your registrar of record,
regarding your domain name that has  been managed on your

Up until now DOMAIN RESELLER has managed your domain name using
Melbourne IT's domain name systems.

We are writing to inform you that Melbourne IT has terminated its
Agreement with DOMAIN RESELLER and therefore DOMAIN RESELLER will no
longer be able to manage the maintenance and renewal of your
domain name using the reseller interface to Melbourne IT's domain name

There is no need to respond to this notice, but we would like to
reassure you that your domain name is safe, and you do not  need to

Melbourne IT will continue to be your registrar.

For your reference, the domain name records with Melbourne IT as of 10
Oct 2002 are as follows: 
(please keep this information in a safe place)

Organisation Name:             XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Domain Name:         

Your New Domain Name Password:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Your New Melbourne IT Registry Key: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Expiry Date:                   XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Melbourne IT will send you a reminder notice when your domain name is
due to be renewed. 

Melbourne IT has been Australia's trusted registrar for over 5 years,
and we will continue to protect your domain name with  the highest
levels of security.

To ensure your domain name is secure and protected Melbourne IT has
changed your Domain Name Password in the central registry (used to
arrange transfers between registrars) and your Melbourne IT Registry Key
(used to access Melbourne IT maintenance functions).  (Please see above
for details) 

Your Melbourne IT Registry Key may be used to manage your domain name

For more information about how to manage your domain name with Melbourne
IT please visit our 24 hour interactive help centre  at:

If you have any questions about this notice, please read our FAQ's at:

We wish you continued "Online Business Success".


Melbourne IT Ltd

Melbourne IT Limited 'Trusted Australian Registrar'
ABN         : 21 073 716 793
Trading as  : Internet Names WorldWide (INWW)
              Internet Names Australia (INA)
Email       : info&#167;
Website     :
Head Office : Level 2, 120 King Street
              Melbourne  Victoria  Australia  3000


1. Our agreement was not 'terminated by MelbourneIT'. What is auDA going
to do about this misleading email.
2. Does a domain registrar have the right to change a registrants
registry key without the registrant requesting they do so?

Dave Hooper

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