Re: [DNS] Thanks Melbourne IT

Re: [DNS] Thanks Melbourne IT

From: Jim Birch <jbirch§>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 11:59:38 +0800
David Moore wrote:

>I for on am gradually moving all domains from Melbourne IT and have been
>very dissatisfied with the handling of domains. My bitch is you have to
>wait until the domain name comes up for renewal before you can move it,
>unlike the .com system that lets you move the domain but just adds an
>extra year to the renewal date as with TotalNIC.

 From my (limited) view of the situation, none of the new people have 
got the transfer thing working properly.

What I'd love is a system where this sequence or similar happens,

You register yourself and the domains you would like to transfer,
System works out when transfer should be done,
Arranges the transfer authorisation
Bills you one month before transfer date
Periodically informs you what transfers are coming up.

Just saying you can transfer now and loose your remaining registration 
aint good enough.

If anyone could set up and promote this system at a low end price I 
think they'd do well.



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