RE: [DNS] Regarding Webarama mailout

RE: [DNS] Regarding Webarama mailout

From: Dave Hooper <dave§>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 10:52:25 +1000

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> Subject: [DNS] Regarding Webarama mailout
> In the same way that AusRegistry now has a monopoly.  
> Melbourne IT did create the opportunity for an industry of 
> companies to participate in the domain name registration 
> business, via a reseller program.  Competition and consumer 
> choice was available at the reseller level.  It was under no 
> obligation to do so.  We now have an additional level in the 
> industry - Registrar.  Companies can now choose to be either 
> a registrar or a reseller of a registrar.  There is now 
> competition at both the registrar and reseller level.  
> Melbourne IT has chosen to become an auDA accredited registrar.

And who's clients are they?
"We recognise that your customers are your most valuable asset and we do
not correspond with them in any direct way."

Also, this remains unanswered;
Does a domain registrar have the right to change a registrants registry
key without the registrant requesting they do so?

Dave Hooper
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