RE: [DNS] Reminder of Melbourne IT complaints procedure

RE: [DNS] Reminder of Melbourne IT complaints procedure

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 16:29:40 +1000

	You have been quite reasonable in your responses to issues on
this list..... until now.

	But you have to be joking
`?  M.IT has shown that it is contemptible towards its former resellers
with the most recent act of attempting to embarress/make look bad/etc
them.  M.IT obviously did not really care what their former resellers
thought them it communicated the very misleading letter recently.  They
COULD have send an email to former resellers letting them know what
would happen - with a few days notice so that these former resellers
could prepare for it, and inform their customers.

	Most resellers have changed to other registrars simply because
M.IT is WAY over priced for the services it supposedly supplies... and
the other Registries have proven they are far more responsive than M.IT
- not to mention cheaper.

	But... to suggest we follow the internal M.IT complaints
procedure BEFORE taking issues to this list is an absolute joke.  As has
been demonstrated on MANY occasions, M.IT is a VERY arrogant
organisation with very unhelpful customer service staff.  To call M.IT
to account for its actions by taking issues to the DNS is MORE than
appropriate... especially if former resellers which to discuss amongst
each other, the issues effecting them, especially this latest stunt by

	I would LOVE to bulk transfer all domain held at M.IT to another
registrar, but am unable to due to the costs placed on the end customer
and the loss of the remaining registration period.

	At the moment... since we have chosen to end our reseller
relationship with M.IT... in effect M.IT is holding the domains
currently hosted (?) to ransom.... we cant move them to another
registrar without incurring costs... and now it has changed the keys so
that we are not even able to do so....   M.IT has attempted to drive a
wedge between our customers and us with this latest action.

	I suggest M.IT do something about the tide of public resentment
building against it.... you after all have shareholders... I was one


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> Subject: [DNS] Reminder of Melbourne IT complaints procedure
> Hello All,
> Just a reminder that if you have a complaint against Melbourne IT the
> procedure is first to escalate through our complaints 
> handling process,
> before escalating to the DNS list.
> In general the complaint about billing could be sent to:
> policy&#167;
> The complaints policy is at:
> Note all registrars are required to have a complaints handling policy.
> Regards,
> Bruce
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