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Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 00:27:28 +1000 (EST)
Progress Report to the Evolution and Reform Committee -
ccNSO Assistance Group
The ccNSO Assistance Group has begun discussions on the
issues surrounding the implementation of the ccNSO, and
possible recommendations to the ERC. The discussions are
fruitful, with goodwill efforts of all in their individual
capacities to achieve recommendations for public
consultation and further discussion.

Web policeman casts net for .au cheats
Some applications for Australia's new generic names could
be ruled invalid after last week's rush to buy a stake in
the internet.

HM The Queen wins domain name dispute
In an important WIPO domain decision released today, Her
Majesty the Queen has been awarded the domain name

WIPO to ask for UDRP modification
So far this month has been a busy one for developments in
Internet policy and governance, with WIPO Member States
taking a decision on the issues addressed in the Second
WIPO Internet Domain Name Process and ICANN's Evolution and
Reform Committee submitting its Final Implementation Report
and Recommendations.

The Selection of the .eu TLD Registry
On 3 September 2002 the European Commission published in
the Official Journal of the European Communities a "Call
for expressions of interest for the selection of the .eu
TLD registry". MORE>>

WIPO's first ERDRP decision:
The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has
released its first decision concerning the new .name
generic top level domains. MORE>>

Land rush for generic domains
AUSTRALIANS have rushed to snap up more than a thousand
'generic' .au domain names that opened for registration at
11am today.,7204,5217424%5E15342%5E%5Enbv%5E15306-15319,00.html

.au industry blows own trumpet
The Australian domain name industry is trumpeting the
success of last weeks release to the public of .au generic
domain names, but controversy has already arisen around the

Gold rush days are over for generic domain names
At least one real estate bubble has burst. The cost of an
address on the internet has tumbled in line with the Nasdaq
technology index as bidders realise the value of a domain
name - not much at all.

South Korea tightens cybersquatting laws 
South Korea has introduced tougher domain name regulations
to increase protection against illegal cybersquatting

Domain name should receive more Vietnamese entrepreneur
Internet domain name is an invaluable resource, which has
been untapped by a large number of Vietnamese enterprises
due to their failing to realize the significance of domain
names and domain name registration. Statistics of the
Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) reveals
that a mere 5 percent out of the almost 70,000 domestic
enterprises have registered a domain name of their own.

OFT eyes domain name bullies
Some companies still using unscrupulous selling tactics
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is pushing forward its
investigations into the selling tactics of domain name
reseller Anet.

VeriSign Settles Marketing Lawsuit 
Domain registrar giant VeriSign Monday has settled its
lawsuit with smaller Scottsdale, Ariz.-based rival Go
Daddy. According to terms of the settlement, the Mountain
View, Calif.-based company will no longer send "renewal
notices" to customers of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Go Daddy
Software, a smaller, discount-priced competitor in the
aggressive field for domain name registration.

Beanies bargain site wins domain dispute
In the battle over a Beanie Babies domain, the bargain
sellers have come out on top.

Domain Registry Bundles Blogging 
Looking to turn an Internet phenomenon into a business
edge, .NU Domain, a Top Level Domain (TLD) registry, is
offering customers free software to create and maintain
their own blogs.

[3] Landmark Public Domain Case To Be Argued Before Supreme
On Wednesday, October 9, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear
the case of Eldred v. Ashcroft, the challenge to the
controversial 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act
(CTEA). The CTEA lengthened copyright terms by 20 years,
stretching them to 70 years after an artist's death. This
effectively prevents hundreds of thousands of works
(notably, and not coincidentally, Mickey Mouse) from
falling into the public domain for an additional 20 years.
Eldred is the first challenge to copyright extensions to
reach the Supreme Court.

7th Circuit Overturns Beanie Baby Dilution Decision (from
BNA Internet Law News)
The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated a lower court
decision which held that the domain name
diluted Ty's Beanie Babies trademark. The court engages in
a detailed discussion on the dangers of extending the law
too broadly, noting that "we do not think that by virtue of
trademark law producers own their aftermarkets and can
impede sellers in the aftermarket from marketing the
trademarked product." Decision at:

Domain Name Protection For City Suburbs (from Baker and
McKenzie E-Law Alert)
The Lower Regional Court of Munich held that provisions in
German law protecting the names of persons, both natural
and juristic (12 of the Civil Code), also extend to public
law persons and include municipal, city and city suburb
names. It also held that when determining who has a
priority right over the name, one should not look at who
first registered the domain name but rather who first had
the right to the name protection.

Pre-Registration Of Domain Name .FR (from Baker and
McKenzie E-Law Alert)
Pursuant to a recent cooperation between the AFNIC and the
the French Enterprises Formalities Center ("CFE", ie the
place where any new French legal entity has to be
registered), it is now possible to pre-register the domain
name identical to the new corporate name directly while
registering the new entity. The ".fr" domain names must be
identical to registered corporate names, trade names or
trademarks. Pre-registration last for 15 days.

Car giant tries to run down Mr Nissan's website
The Nissan Motor Company knows one man in America it would
rather not have as a customer. Indeed, it has no affection
for this gentleman, despite having something in common with
him. The bond that disunites them is their name. Welcome to
Nissan v Nissan.

Starting From Scratch for the UDRP Review Process? - from
Yesterday, the public listserv for the UDRP Review Task
Force awoke with comments resulting from WIPO's STOP decision. Jeff Neuman, Director of Law
and Policy for NeuStar, raised some interesting points in
his comment: "I think we need to go back to the NC for a
new Terms of Reference and scrap most of what has been
done. The reality is that the data we have is now months
out of date...Since the survey was released, seven new TLDs
have been launched and each have had their dispute
processes extensively may be helpful to the new
TLD process to get input on the new dispute processes."

TLD Registration Enforcement: A Call for Automation - Part
Last month, I wrote to describe the state of registration
restrictions in .BIZ, .US, and .NAME. I noted trends among
nonconforming registrations in these TLDs, and I suggested
that certain automated enforcement systems might serve to
improve compliance. But an important larger question
remained unanswered: Why care about registration
restrictions in the first place? Much as registries might
like to ignore the restrictions, I submit that the Internet
community nonetheless ought to hold them to their

The At-Large: An Insider’s View
February 2002 was a seminal month in the evolution of the
ICANN At-Large movement. We began hearing reports from our
European members that ICANN's chief lawyer, Joe Sims, was
in Brussels, Belgium, holding closed-door meetings with
European Commission members to gauge their reaction to
plans that completely restructure the ICANN board,
replacing the At-Large with a body of government
representatives! The rumors were confirmed days later when
ICANN President M. Stuart Lynn posted his "ICANN - The Case
for Reform".

ICANN's China Question
Several people have expressed concern that ICANN's next
meeting will be in China, arguably the greatest source of
what ICANN calls 'instability' on the Internet.

Parsing Hype From Hope: Will ENUM Spark Changes In Telecom?
To the unacquainted, ENUM denotes nothing more than a
techie-sounding-hobgloblin, yet, ENUM, which stands for
electronic numbering, represents what could become the most
distinct productive development of the Internet protocol
since the Internet, itself.

Domain Names, Like Phone Numbers, Become Unlisted  
Jane Doe has a problem. A victim of stalking for over two
years, she finally shakes her pursuer. Now she wants to
tell her story on the Web, but can't legally register a
domain name without exposing her personal contact
information to the public. Go Daddy's newest service,
Domains By Proxy(TM), changes all that. Jane can now
register her domain name, protect her privacy, and while
she's at it, deter spam e-mail, mass marketing, junk mail,
and identity theft.

Internet could have your number
A SINGLE number for email addresses, phone number and
websites is being considered in Australia, despite fears
the technology could become a de facto identification


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