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From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 21:52:00 +1000 (EST)
Hi all

Seems I posted the latest news both yesterday and a few
days ago, so, here is the news I meant to post yesterday.


Dot-Org Gets a New, Well, Org
The fifth most popular domain on the Internet gets
reassigned from VeriSign to a new group in a development
hailed by ICANN members and observers.,1283,55778,00.html

ICANN Board Selects New .org Registry Operator
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) Board of Directors voted 11 to 1 (with three
abstentions) today to select the proposal submitted by the
Internet Society (ISOC) for a new registry operator of the
.org top-level domain, to replace VeriSign.

Internet names: a matter for both government and private
The Working Group of the Plenary approved a resolution on
the management of internationalized multilingual domain
names. This resolution aims at helping promote the role of
Member States in the internationalization of domain names
and addresses of their respective languages. This will be
increasingly important in the coming years as a majority of
Internet users is expected to prefer to conduct online
activities in their own language. It is also important
because the current Domain Names System (DNS) mapping does
not reflect the growing language needs of all. The
resolution stresses that the registration and allocation of
Internet domain names and addresses should reflect the
geographical and functional nature of the Internet with an
equitable balance of interests of all stakeholders. It also
emphasizes that the non-discriminatory access to Internet
domain names and addresses, and more generally to the
Internet, should be available to all citizens and that the
management of Internet Domain Names and addresses is of
concern to both governments and the private sector. It also
reiterates the need to fully maintain country code
numbering plans and addresses as in ITU-T recommendation
E.164 which defines the international public
telecommunication numbering plan. Under this resolution,
ITU will be providing assistance to its Member States to
promote the use of their languages for domain names and
addresses and will cooperate with the World Intellectual
Property Organization whose role includes protection
against misuse of intellectual property rights in the use
of countries’ languages for domain names and addresses.

Internet Name Group "totally gone": administrator
The saga surrounding failed domain name reseller Internet
Name Group is at last drawing to an end, with the
administrators revealing the company's creditors are likely
to receive 55 cents in the dollar.,2000025001,20269085,00.htm

Aust administrator recommends state-based domain names
auDA's New Names Advisory Panel has recommended new second
level domain names based on Australia's states and

ACCC gets tough on dubious domain name invoices 
The ACCC has warned domain name resellers not to mislead or
deceive customers or face the possibility of coming under
ACCC investigation and litigation.
(ACCC news release) 

Creditors 'will receive at least 39c in the dollar'
Creditors to failed domain-name reseller Internet Name
Group agreed last week to the administrators' deed of
arrangement, which should return more than 39 cents in the

Notice of Initiation of Policy-Development Process:
Deletion of gTLD Registrations
Notice of Intiiation of PDP. On 3 October 2002, the DNSO
Names Council voted to initiate a policy-development
process ("DNSO PDP") on issues concerning deletion of gTLD
registrations. The DNSO PDP was initiated on the basis of
the issues paper that appears below.

ICANN Meetings in Shanghai 
ICANN's next round of meetings will be held 28-31 October
2002, in Shanghai, China. The meetings are free to attend,
and open to any interested person. ICANN encourages broad
participation in its bottom-up consensus-development
process. You can take part in these meetings by attending
in person, by taking part in the webcast and remote
participation opportunities, and/or by joining one of the
various ICANN-related mailing lists.
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)
Transfers of gTLD Domain Names
Australian Wine Company Pops Cork on Two Decisions (from
Orlando Wyndham Group Pty Ltd received two favorable
decisions from WIPO today in cases involving the domain
names and

Assisting The UDRP Review
This page has been established to provide a reference for
the UDRP Review, with links to the major parties involved
in the review process of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Policy, papers and studies concerning the UDRP
and other helpful resources. Perhaps this effort will help
push the parties reviewing the UDRP to toward concrete


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