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Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 17:16:54 +1000
Hello All,

The status variable "clientUpdateProhibited" is a settable variable by the
registrar of record.  It may be used to implement some registrar specific
function - for example it might indicate to a registrar that a client has
requested special procedures to update the domain.  I don't think there is
anything inherently inappropriate in a registrar setting this variable.  It
does not stop a transfer.

In terms of a transfer, my understanding of the protocol is that the new
registrar after a transfer would then be the "client", and could remove that
status.  It is another matter altogether whether that registrar has the
technical capability to do so.  Software code could be written for the
Registry to ensure that that particular status variable is reset
automatically after a transfer.


> If the Registrar of Record (Registrar A) 'locks' a domain, and the
> Registrant takes their domain name business to another 
> Registrar (Registrar
> B), can Registrar B then make changes to the domain name 
> details such as
> re-delegation?
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> >BTW, can someone provide a definitive answer on what the 
> following 'Status'
> >means when it shows up in the AusRegistry whois search:
> >
> >Status:  clientUpdateProhibited  (e.g. see
> That's EPP speak for "the client (Registrar) has has locked 
> the domain".
> serverUpdateProhibited means that the server (Registry) has locked the
> domin.
> >Status:  inactive (e.g. see
> That means that the domain has yet to be delegated.
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