Melbourne IT Your "Trusted" Australian Registrar

Melbourne IT Your "Trusted" Australian Registrar

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 00:17:06 +1000
Melbourne IT Your "Trusted" Australian Registrar

"We recognise that your customers are your most valuable asset and we do
not correspond with them in any direct way."

"I have received an official notice from Melbourne IT advising me of the
the termination of the reseller previously managing my, what do
I do now?"

5. Reliance on something in the future; hope."

A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood. 
Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression."


-----Original Message-----
From: [My Customer]
Sent: Wednesday, 23 October 2002 11:06 
To: [Me]
Subject: Re: [My Customer].com domain name renewal

Hi [Me]

I got an email message saying you blokes couldn't renew [My
Customer].com anymore ... is that so?

[My Customer]

-----Original Message-----
From: "Melbourne IT Ltd" <notices&#167;>
To: [My Customer]
Subject: An important notice from Melbourne IT regarding: [My
Date: [some date]

Dear Registrant,

This is an official notice from Melbourne IT, your registrar of record,
your domain name [My Customer].com that has been managed on your behalf
by [My Company].

Up until now [My Company] has managed your domain name using the
reseller interface to Melbourne IT's domain name systems.

We are writing to inform you that Melbourne IT no longer has a reseller
with [My Company].

There is no need to respond to this notice.

Melbourne IT will continue to be your domain name registrar.

For your reference, the domain name records with Melbourne IT as of
[some date] are
as follows:
(please keep this information in a safe place)

Licence Holder:                       [My Customer]
Domain Name:                          [My Customer].com
Your New Melbourne IT Registry Key:   [some key]
Expiry Date:                          [some date]

Melbourne IT will send you a reminder notice when your domain name is
due to be

To view your complete domain name (WHOIS) records please visit:[My Customer].com

The Admin Email is used to notify you when your domain name is due to
expire and
should be kept up to date to ensure you receive these notifications.
The Admin
Contact should be the person or team responsible for managing your
domain names.

Melbourne IT has been a domain registrar for over 5 years, and our
wealth of
experience means we will continue to protect your domain name with the
highest level
of security.

To ensure your domain name is secure and protected Melbourne IT has
updated your
registry key which acts as a password for access to Melbourne IT's
online domain name
maintenance service (Please see above).

Your registry key may be used to manage your domain name at:[My

If the expiry date above is close, or if you just want to extend the
licence period of your domain online, go to:[My Customer].com

For more information about how to manage your domain name with Melbourne
IT please
visit our 24 hour interactive help centre at:

If you have any questions about this notice, please read our FAQ's at:

We wish you continued "Online Business Success".


Melbourne IT Ltd


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