Re: [DNS] The root of all names

Re: [DNS] The root of all names

From: Deus Ex Machina <vicc§>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 11:05:46 +1100
its just craig sanders expressing some his anarchistic tendencies.

nothing wrong with that but one could just as well say the same about
mining companies or any other form of business. the reality is domain companies
have to cover the cost of developing systems, staff, rents and then make a return 
for shareholders just like any other business.

one only has to compare the difference between how works now
as to how it used to work when it was volunteer staffed. chalk and cheese.


Josh Rowe [josh&#167;] wrote:
> The root of all names
> "...
> Technically, DNS works well. Politically and economically, it's a scam. It's
> just a hierarchical database of domain, hostnames and addresses. The whole
> scheme has been hijacked by thieving parasites who are making a fortune by
> imposing an artificial scarcity on an unlimited resource and charging for
> the priviledge of registering an entry in the database. IMO (in my opinion),
> almost everyone involved in the DNS industry is a thief and a parasite and
> the ones complaining loudest about the way it works now aren't complaining
> out of altruism; they just want their slice of the pie.
> ..."
> Josh
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