FW: [DNS] The root of all names

FW: [DNS] The root of all names

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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 22:54:54 +1100
John Gilmore <http://salon.com/tech/feature/2002/07/02/gilmore/index.html>
recently reported

"... Then in March 2000, they sold the entire company to VeriSign for $21
billion in stock (yes, that's billion). ... Thus SAIC made billions of dollars
out of spending $3 million and pulling a few strings to keep the monopoly."

Ian Johnston

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The root of all names


Technically, DNS works well. Politically and economically, it's a scam. It's
just a hierarchical database of domain, hostnames and addresses. The whole
scheme has been hijacked by thieving parasites who are making a fortune by
imposing an artificial scarcity on an unlimited resource and charging for
the priviledge of registering an entry in the database. IMO (in my opinion),
almost everyone involved in the DNS industry is a thief and a parasite and
the ones complaining loudest about the way it works now aren't complaining
out of altruism; they just want their slice of the pie.



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