Is this legit

Is this legit

From: <magic2147§>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 11:03:11 +1100
There were a whole bunch of business registrations done about 2 to 3 years ago 
principally by, I believe, members of a single extended family based in western Sydney 
who then registered domain names which could be derived from those 
business names. Perfectly legitimate. 

They then proceeded to offer other businesses around the place JV deals or 
subdomains of the domains. I think that the idea was to create a whole bunch 
of trade portals. Also perfectly legitimate. 

An example of where this strategy seems to have worked (for someone else) is 

Driving around western Sydney one would see signs planted in front yards and vacant 
lots  promoting the domain names/businesses. There are still a few left.

Other examples are:

If the business names are no longer extant and you want a domain name  that was 
registered "via" them then I suppose it is open to you to challenge the legitimacy of the 
registration probably on the grounds that the registrant as an entity does not exist.  At 
the very least it might cause aggro to the registrants by making them spend money 
reregistering the business names. You should contact auDA in the first instance and/or 
read their policies.

However such a course of action may not be productive since auDA now seem to 
consider that simply owning a cubbyhouse or even just having it in your mind to 
perhaps buy or build one would be sufficent grounds to register a domain name.

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