RE: [DNS] Is this legit

RE: [DNS] Is this legit

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 07:05:12 +1100
I know some Doctors here in my Rotary club - worth making preliminary

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 > If the business names are no longer extant and you want a domain name
 > that was registered "via" them then I suppose it is open to you to
 > challenge the legitimacy of the registration probably on the
 > grounds that the registrant as an entity does not exist.  At the
 > very least it might cause aggro to the registrants by making them
 > spend money reregistering the business names. You should contact
 > auDA in the first instance and/or read their policies.

Perhaps we should set up an organisation to represent domain holders?

 > However such a course of action may not be productive since auDA now
 > seem to consider that simply owning a cubbyhouse or even just
 > having it in your mind to perhaps buy or build one would be
 > sufficent grounds to register a domain name.

Indeed; the open slather you have when you're not having open slather. 

Strange how the work of the Panels seemed to get overridden at the last
minute by the new rules as published in time for AusRegistry to get the
Regime Change ads ready to roll.

It was all I could do to ask AuDA and/or AusRegistry to at least fix the
latter's initially incomplete eligibility requirements, but the
open slather clause was added to all without obvious discussion except -
perhaps? - by the board.  Total ICANNisation here we come, ready or not.

Returning this list to its now dominant 'supply side' constituency,


PS: can anyone suggest any decent lists concerned with actual Domain
Name Service operation?  Sig to noise here in that respect is near 0.

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