Re: [DNS] Is this legit

Re: [DNS] Is this legit

From: Deus Ex Machina <vicc§>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 09:18:17 +1100
Ian Smith [smithi&#167;] wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Oct 2002 magic2147&#167; wrote, among other things:
>  >
> [..]
>  > If the business names are no longer extant and you want a domain name
>  > that was registered "via" them then I suppose it is open to you to
>  > challenge the legitimacy of the registration probably on the
>  > grounds that the registrant as an entity does not exist.  At the
>  > very least it might cause aggro to the registrants by making them
>  > spend money reregistering the business names. You should contact
>  > auDA in the first instance and/or read their policies.
> Perhaps we should set up an organisation to represent domain holders?
>  > However such a course of action may not be productive since auDA now
>  > seem to consider that simply owning a cubbyhouse or even just
>  > having it in your mind to perhaps buy or build one would be
>  > sufficent grounds to register a domain name.
> Indeed; the open slather you have when you're not having open slather. 

the system has always worked this way. as they say on the internet,
censorship or arbitrary restriction are considered damage which traffic
simply routes around. rules and restrictions by arbitrary commitees
are often nothing more then pointeless obstructions  that have little
bearing on what customers need or want.

if customers want open slather and some arbitrary commitee determins in a 
patriarcal fashion that they know better as to what constitues the common good
then you cant be surprised that customers simple work to play the system
to acheive the outcome they want.

giving customers what they want in business is called "customer focus", something
committees rarely have in there terms of reference.

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