RE: [DNS] FW: Aust state domain name plan approved

RE: [DNS] FW: Aust state domain name plan approved

From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 00:09:18 +1100
On face value it would appear that there is still a lot to work out....?

How about this suggestion:

In this example - town or place name = geo and state abbreviation =
state - controlled by local committee based upon chamber of
commerce, council, shire, regional authority, etc   ie elected reps of
stakeholders hold the license in trust for the community.

Then in turn they provide an authority to local participants eg
associations, organizations, committees and other bodies for access to
the sub of the domain based upon uniform eligibility criteria ie a
certification or permission to register and use the sub domain

For example - 

This could work well and still allow the geo committee to collect a
token fee from the participants to cover costs of running the registry directory and hosting fees etc

This would still allow for competition among the registrars and at the
same time give everyone in the local community a fair go

It would then be possible for all these and more to exist:

etc etc and the domain could be the location of a directory
of all sub domains under it

I know that it would be simple for users to find local resources in the
local hubs that would form around the geo names.  This would be obvious
to outsiders looking for locals in the geo areas.

I do believe that a strictly uniform approach is required though

Just a suggestion that will probably get shot down in flames...  Lets


Phil Wright

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Sorry guys, but this OCOS proposal is the biggest load of sh*t I have
for a long time. It was around a few years ago when i was on the new
policy and still hasnt resolved its own inherit issues.

Seems the same self interested ppl are pushing the same proposal to an 
equally stupid government and even Auda are falling for it. I had
so much from them.

After spending 7 years teaching communities to publish their own 
information there are a few basic flaws in the philosophy that are 
glaringly apparent.

  1) who is the community?
           Oh I know they have a little politically correct way of 
distributing publishing rights but it is still top down political and
grass roots, or even at the level of small business.

  2) system consistency, its fine to have a intuitive domain name
that is geographically based, but for it to be usefull the layout and 
structure of each site must be consistent. This consistency must be
states, between regions and between individual communities. No loose
is going to establish that. It is the lesson of the .us namespace and
and OCOS are still ignoring it.

  3 ) central (national) managment is required to make full use of the 
geographic DNS. domain names are for email as well as web. Allocation of

this national resource so someone can promote "portal packages" or
their own standing is short sited to say the least.

Basically, its a load of crap, and a waste of a national resource.

At 04:45 PM 14/11/02 +1100, you wrote:

>Aust state domain name plan approved
>The .au domain name administrator has confirmed plans to initiate
>level domain names for states and territories, a move touted as
>state or local groups to promote their interests online.
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