RE: [DNS] FW: Aust state domain name plan approved

RE: [DNS] FW: Aust state domain name plan approved

From: Lucian Daniel Kafka <luci§>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 00:26:46 +1100
At 12:09 AM 15/11/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>On face value it would appear that there is still a lot to work out....?
>How about this suggestion:
>In this example - town or place name = geo and state abbreviation =
> - controlled by local committee based upon chamber of
>commerce, council, shire, regional authority, etc   ie elected reps of
>stakeholders hold the license in trust for the community.
>Then in turn they provide an authority to local participants eg
>associations, organizations, committees and other bodies for access to
>the sub of the domain based upon uniform eligibility criteria ie a
>certification or permission to register and use the sub domain

More committees is good. I always felt that not enough of my tax dollars 
are spent on committees.

Kind regards,

Lucian Kafka
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