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international domain news

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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:56:05 +1100 (EST)
Domain glitch halts sites 
A router outage at domain name gatekeeper AusRegistry
rendered some of Australia's state government websites
unavailable for most of Wednesday.,7204,5843103%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Web address dispute shows what's in a name
A Western Australian organisation that lost its Web address
has complained that the Australian domain-name system fails
to protect name holders.

Internet squatting continuing to damage brands
When it comes to corporate branding, imitation is not
considered the most sincere form of flattery - especially
when the purpose of the exercise may be to wrest dollars
out of the brand's owner.,2000024981,20271284,00.htm

Govt wants to trademark '.sg'
The Government has applied to trademark ".sg" and this has
created anxiety over whether this increases the
Government's control of domain names.

Afghanistan Gets Connected
The Islamic Transitional Government of Afghanistan has
successfully applied to the Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority (IANA) to have the .af country code redelegated
to the Ministry of Communications. This is one of the first
moves in allowing for the development of Internet use in
Afghanistan with current restrictions on web use likely to
be lifted.

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .af Top-Level Domain

Message from Steve Cocker, Chair of Security and Stabiity
Committee, to ICANN Board
To the ICANN Board: The ICANN Security and Stability
Committee has developed a recommendation regarding the
Whois protocol and I wanted to take this opportunity to
call your attention to it.

Europe to get one more root name server
Espanix, a non-profit association composed of telecom
enterprises in Spain, and the Internet Software Consortium
(ISC) have reached an agreement to jointly develop, install
and set up a Root Name Server for Europe based in Madrid.

DTI scraps complaints vs DotPH
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has dismissed
all the complaints filed against DotPH, the Philippine
Domain Registry.

Cybersquatting profits from online brands
Cybersquatters who use popular names to make money out of
companies or to drive traffic to their own sites are still
a problem in the online world.,,t269-s2128800,00.html

VeriSign Moves to Internationalize Domain Names
VeriSign is taking steps to offer new services that will
enable Internet users globally to navigate the Web in a
variety of different languages.

Microsoft Gains Control of Windows Domain
A Dutch computer enthusiast surrendered the
domain name to Microsoft after the Redmond, Washington,
software maker threatened to take legal action.

Split Panel Allows Criticism Site To Use Domain Name
Identical To Mark - from
A split three-member WIPO Panel denied a complaint filed by
UK-based financial services company Legal & General Group
against the registrant of

Life After Afternic: Exclusive Interview With Roger Collins
In a recent interviewed with Roger Collins, president of
ProProject and the new owner of, CircleID
investigates the logics behind ProProject's strong belief
in the domain name secondary market. Once known as a
primary domain name auction site, had
purchased in the September of 2000 for $48
million in cash and stock--2 years later the site was shut
down as money-losing unit until ProProject came along.

A Closer Look At The Controversy Over The Internet's
Birthday! You Decide
Internet users welcomed the New Year this year with a
controversy that reaches to the roots of the Internet
itself--the birthday of the Internet and this is no trivial
controversy. It is a controversy about the defining nature
of the Internet. What is the Internet? This is a question
that must be resolved to understand which aspects of the
Internet's development qualify for attention and

An Actor's Confession Of Why .Info Is Better Serving His
According to a press release issued by the Afilias, an
organization that provides global registry services for the
.info extension, .info has recently surpassed 1,000,000
registrations since it's inception just over a year ago.
The movement of the .info domain into the mainstream has
been illustrated by companies using the extension for ad
campaigns and by individuals using the domain for personal
use. This is the story of one individual from the streets
of the Internet.

The Next Generation Internet Lectures on IPv6 - "IPv6 & the
future of the Internet in the UK" 
at Lecture Room 1, the Cruciform Building, University
College London and afterwards a reception at Refectory UCL
by kind sponsorship of Cisco Systems. This event is on 16
January 2003. These lectures are organised by the UK IPv6
Task Force and are free to attend. - Please register.
IPv6 is a strategic technology for the Internet. IPv6 is
now ready for deployment making it vital that network
managers, content & service providers, users and public
services start working with IPv6.


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