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international domain news

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The Intellectual Property Constituency appreciates the
opportunity to comment on the ccNSO Assistance Group’s
“Preliminary Recommendation on ccNSO Council”.
In the comments filed by the IPC last month on the
preceding Preliminary Recommendation of the ccNSO AG, we

Michael Douglas Wins Domain Name
Michael Douglas - son of veteran actor Kirk Douglas - and
made famous by his starring roles in such films as "Wall
Street", "Traffic" and "Romancing the Stone" has won a
domain name case against a registrant who appeared to share
his name with a number of famous celebrities.

Nominet intros new domain moving rules
Nominet UK - the national registry for all domain names
ending .uk - has introduced new rules designed to give
greater protection to domain name owners. case seeks to define domain names as property
In what adult Internet search engine is calling a
partial victory in its case against registrar VeriSign
Inc., a federal appeals court has asked the California
Supreme Court to consider whether a domain name can be
considered property.,10801,77647,00.html Rejects "Inadequate" Hostile Takeover Bid
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Foreigner Left 'Hot Blooded' Over UDRP Decision - from
Mick Jones, founding member of late '70-early '80s rock
band Foreigner, filed a UDRP case with the National
Arbitration Forum against Stephen Gregory over his
registration of Panelists Anne M. Wallace,
Q.C. and Diane Cabell were as 'Cold As Ice,' denying the
case against Gregory. Panelist David Bernstein issued a


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