RE: [DNS] sell a domain name

RE: [DNS] sell a domain name

From: Michael Daher <micheld§>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 16:30:32 +0800
Hi Sandra,

Sorry about the last listing. Someone hit the send key by accident :).

As for selling a domain Have a quick read of these policies and if you
still need help, you can contact me directly on 1300 302 105.

if you have already seen these and you need some help, you're more than
welcome to contact us.

As for your question on the towns/cities registration, I can't say I
know much on that. 

Michael Daher
BSc Software Engineering (Computer Science)
Ph: 1300 302 105

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I'm just a bit confused re the old rules and the new rules ... can 
anyone tell me if a registrant can now sell their domain name to another


Also, when it comes to regional area names (not towns/cities) ... can 
anyone register them or are they reserved for government tourism bodies 

Many thanks for any feedback.

Regards, Sandra

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