Re: [DNS] sell a domain name

Re: [DNS] sell a domain name

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 10:18:46 +0100
Quoting Michael Daher on Wednesday January 29, 2003:
| As for your question on the towns/cities registration, I can't say I
| know much on that. 

I'm curious, for someone that claims to be the leading domain "corporate
body" in Australia, shouldn't you know the eligibility criteria for a
.au domain name?

Anyway, auDA's policy is:

    The previous delegate for the .au domain introduced a restriction on the
    licensing  of Australian  place  names  as domain  names  in  and It is auDA's intention to  lift this restriction in future, once
    it has determined a suitable method of allocating Australian place names
    for non-commercial use by the  relevant geographic community. Until that
    time, the  Reserved List  for  and  only will  contain all
    Australian place  names listed on  the Australia Post  Postcode Database
    (general use database), as well as  "Australia" and the names and common
    abbreviations of the Australian States and Territories. 

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