RE: [DNS] sell a domain name

RE: [DNS] sell a domain name

From: Michael Daher <micheld§>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 18:52:36 +0800

Thank you to those who have so much time on their hands to make mockery
of other companies who are just trying to help others who don't know
about the domain industry. As for the "leading corporate body" that
keeps getting quoted, thank you for the free advertising.

Well I believe that best I had said I didn't know about those domain
registrations until I was sure, than to say I know and actually not
know. And just to cut and paste from a policy is hardly helping someone
understanding what it actually means.

Thank you to all who contacted to add to the report
about domain scandals. We were overwhelmed with names and contacts and
will be going through them one by one in regarding to problems in the
domain industry. Thank you for all your help. We will let you know when
the story will be televised across the nation.

Oh and a big thank you to two other international stations who have
accepted to interview in regards to the issues in the
Australian domain market. We will record and cast on our website when

And as for the continuous slander and malicious words that get spoken on
this DNS list about is pretty pathetic. I thought that
this list was for information and help regarding domains. However, just
as the domain industry has shown, you have to be rude and slanderous to
get a point across. 

But thanks anyway for the interest in

Michael Daher
BSc Software Engineering (Computer Science)

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