Re: [DNS] sell a domain name

Re: [DNS] sell a domain name

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:14:06 +0100
Quoting Michael Daher on Wednesday January 29, 2003:
| Thank you to those who have so much time on their hands to make mockery
| of other companies who are just trying to help others who don't know
| about the domain industry. As for the "leading corporate body" that
| keeps getting quoted, thank you for the free advertising.

It's not free advertising, certainly no more than publishing your toll
free number here.

Perhaps you can justify why you feel you are the leading whatever? Are
you a registrar? reseller? Some clarification would be appreciated.

Surely it is obvious that new players in this market are treated with a
lot of skepticism given the amount of dubious activity that has happened
in the past. Given you have appeared to have taken the spam route,
made assertions about being a "leading" provider, and don't even appear
on a list of official resellers or registrars on auDA's page - your
claims deserve a little explanation.

| And just to cut and paste from a policy is hardly helping someone
| understanding what it actually means.

Actually, I thought the quoted policy was extremely clear and directly
answered the question.

| And as for the continuous slander and malicious words that get spoken on
| this DNS list about is pretty pathetic. I thought that
| this list was for information and help regarding domains. However, just
| as the domain industry has shown, you have to be rude and slanderous to
| get a point across. 

To what slander or malicious words do you refer? I haven't seen any yet.

| But thanks anyway for the interest in

Perhaps you can actually explain and allay my (and perhaps others) fears
instead of this misdirection about thanking international stations(?)
which I can't see how that has anything to do with anything being

internationally stationed,
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