RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

From: Jason Trickey <jason§>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 13:22:20 +1100
I'd like to believe you Jacqui, however actions speak louder than words. 
Vic can say all he wants about his ethics - the facts as presented by 
myself prove otherwise.

I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong. And yes, I'm well Jac. Thanks for 



At 12:57 PM 5/03/2003 +1100, you wrote:

>Come on Jason, I think we're all banging our heads against the wall with the
>inconsistency, bullshit, and scammers in this industry. At times it seems
>scams are the only consistent thing in this industry. If the Registrars make
>it easier for the scammers, what hope is there for consumers ?
>Enetica do the right thing and conduct business in an ethical manner and
>naturally it must be frustrating watching others not following suit. It
>would be interesting to do a roll call on Registrars who DO NOT support or
>make life easier for those dealing in deceptive marketing scams.
>Hope you're well Jason, have a great day.
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>Your programmers, or Namescouts Vic?
>I rest my case. Your chest beating is becoming a little tiring Vic.
> >if Nick doesnt have the programing skill to cancel an account or prevent
> >"strangers" from
> >accessing his reseller system then I am willing to lend him one of my
> >programers at no cost
> >to do it for him.
> >
> >Vic
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