Re: [DNS] Consumer Alert

Re: [DNS] Consumer Alert

From: Jason Trickey <jason§>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 14:41:39 +1100

>if Nick doesnt have the programing skill to cancel an account or prevent 
>"strangers" from
>accessing his reseller system then I am willing to lend him one of my 
>programers at no cost
>to do it for him.

Considering Bottle Domains has by far the most advanced, user friendly and 
intuitive retail (and reseller) system in the .au marketplace, judge for 
yourself the quality of their programmers.

>if you have any evidence that I have personally done something wrong then 
>post it.
>some article alluding to an auda document that was copied from somewhere other
>then auda by someone at enetica is not exactly evidence as to my personal 
>ethics is it.
>since you have no evidence then Ill expect an apology.

You're a Director of Enetica, no? As a Director, you're directly 
responsible for all that is Enetica, no? Staff errors or whatever, it all 
leads to being your responsibility in the end does it not?

I have (my own) work to complete Vic. Judging by the amount of time you 
spend grandstanding here, and on other email lists I frequent such as Link 
and Oz-ISP, I'm surprised you manage to get anything done at all.


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