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international domain news

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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 23:27:32 +1100 (EST)
Australian Top Pick For Global Internet Body
For the first time in its short history, the organization
that manages the Internet's global domain-name system may
soon be headed by a non-U.S. citizen. Paul Twomey, a former
Australian government official, is the top pick to become
the next president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN), according to two sources
familiar with the decision-making process.

Community Input Invited Concerning Rio de Janeiro Meeting
To the ICANN Community: Some of you have enquired whether
the upcoming ICANN meeting in Rio de Janeiro will go
forward as planned in the event of a war in the Middle

Afghanistan to launch internet country code
Afghanistan, where the internet was banned during the rule
of the purist Taleban, will formally inaugurate its .af
domain for Afghan websites and e-mail addresses tomorrow,
the United Nations said.,1282,57978,00.html

Japan To Operate New International Domain Standard
Japan Registry Service, the company responsible for the
management and administration of the .jp top-level domain
and operation of the Japanese domain name system, has
announced that its domain name registration and management
services will support the new standard for
Internationalized Domain Names from March 20.

New Domains For China Available
Some domain name registrars outside of China have started
to offer .CN domains to their members for

A Boost for Cybersquatters?
When the Supreme Court ruled Monday that the sound-alike
name of a Kentucky mom-and-pop sex toy shop was not enough
to establish trademark violation against Victoria's Secret,
the decision was seen as a serious blow to efforts by big
business to curb cybersquatting.

Victoria’s Secret trade mark ruling could affect domain
name cases
Lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret yesterday lost a US
Supreme Court case where it argued that a small
Kentucky-based sex shop called “Victor’s Little Secret”
diluted its trade mark. The decision could affect domain
name disputes.

Interview With Willie Black - Part 1 - .EU
In an exclusive three part interview with, Dr
Black discusses the new .eu top level domain and the
critical issues of ICANN, IANA and their relationship with
country code managers.

Interview With Willie Black - Part 2 - ICANN
In the second of an exclusive three part interview with, Dr Black discusses Internet authority ICANN

Wait Listing Service For .UK Name Space?
Nominet’s Policy Advisory Board (PAB) is considering the
introduction of a “Wait Listing Service” in the .uk
namespace in light of increasing amounts of abuse of the
Registry's “whois” and Public Register Subscription
Services (PRSS).
Federal Court Overturns UDRP Decision
Judge Leonie M. Brinkema overturned a National Arbitration
Forum decision, and returned control of the domain name to the original registrant in Retail Services,
Inc., et al. v. Freebies Publishing, et al.

Zuccarini Wins Case
Well-known UDRP respondent John Zuccarini successfully
defended his registration of in a decision
issued today by WIPO. Panelist Justin Hughes stated that
the complainant failed to demonstrate that Zuccarini
registered the domain name in bad faith.

Court dismisses Falwell domain name case
A federal judge in Virginia has dismissed Jerry Falwell's
attempt to gain control of the Web address bearing his
name, saying the court does not have jurisdiction over the

Hong Kong Law Society Wins .org Domain - from
In a decision issued by the Asian Domain Name Dispute
Resolution Centre, the Law Society of Hong Kong prevailed
in its case against cybersquatter Domain Strategy.

Playboy wins major domain name case 
Playboy Enterprises International ("Playboy"), is a pioneer
when it comes to developing the law of the Internet.
Indeed, from the outset of the commercialization of the
Internet, Playboy has been aggressive in protecting
trademarks in cyberspace.

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