RE: [DNS] MelbIT lose $5M + Aussie ICANN CEO?

RE: [DNS] MelbIT lose $5M + Aussie ICANN CEO?

From: Glenn Powell <Glenno§Glenno.Com>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 20:57:43 +1000
I think these two quotes would worry me if I was a Melb IT shareholder
and trying to make a decent return on investment.

"The Melbourne IT chief executive, who was appointed last November, said
the market basically valued the company at its cash balance of $14.7

"The market price of the company is about 31, 32 which basically
values the company at cash. It doesn't put any value on the total [2.1
million] names under management," he said."

"Mr Hnarakis would not confirm what the company's domestic market share
in domain names had fallen to - saying the company had changed its
reporting structure. He did confirm it had lost "a lot of market

I also saw another report stating that analysts were wary of Melbourne
IT due to them not having provided any adequate forecast of future



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Although I'm not a supporter of them it's a very obvious statement that
IT would have had a decrease in revenue with the introduction of the new
domain space. But as far as I read in that article and in anouncements
the preliminary final report at the asx the loss was actually attributed
accounting write downs of investments and not due to operational issues
as large losses in revenue or large increases in costs. In fact revue
only down by $4 million (7%) on the previous period and they would have
posted a profit of $2.005 million if they didn't write $7 million of the
NeuLevel investment.
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