RE: [DNS] Domain Names

RE: [DNS] Domain Names

From: John Thomson <john§>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 14:37:12 +1000
Hi Tim

These days the rules have relaxed considerably, however each domain name
registered in the space has to be owned by a business. The old
policy where a domain name has to be derived from a business name no longer
applies but each domain name must be registered to a business. This is for names I am talking about. The business doesn't need to be trading or
meet any particular criteria other than be a registered name. I have a few
domain names registered under my business name.

Best Regards,

it was so nice to actually know the answer to a question. woo hoo

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Hi All
I know I wrote about this yesterday, but could I get some feed back from
some you guys who know about this allot more than me.

Q1: When you register a domain name in, should you have a
business already running before you register that domain name or.....
Q2: How long do they have before they start using the domain name for
commercial use

Kind Regards


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