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international domain news

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Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 21:26:06 +1000 (EST)
ICANN GNSO Council new gTLDs committee report - draft final
The GNSO council invoked a committee of the whole to
address the question asked of it by the ICANN Board
(resolution 2.151 see annex 1): "whether to structure the
evolution of the generic top level namespace and, if so,
how to do so." The committee met monthly by telephone
conference between February and May 2003 and all but one
constituency submitted written positions during this time.
The committee included representatives of the At-large
Advisory Committee and the Government Advisory Committee.

Easyart wins domain name fight
Easyart, the online seller of artwork, has won its fight to
hang onto its domain name in the face of the threat of
legal action from Stelios Haji-Ioannou's Easygroup.

Huge number of nominations for .za board
More than 90 nominations for the nine-member board of
directors to oversee South Africa's .za domain name
authority had been received by the closing date of 30 April
– and a number of postal nominations are still awaited,
says a communications ministry spokesman.

Blogger forces Irish domain registry into sunlight
Irish blogger and Internet consultant Antoin O'Lachtnain
has succeeded in his bid to force the secretive company
running Ireland's .ie domain into the open.
40% of admin. email addresses "unavailable"
A recent mail shot carried out by SIDN - the Netherlands
naming authority - to the official email contact for every
.nl domain resulted in 40% being returned as undeliverable
- with potentially disastrous consequences for registrants.

VeriSign updates domain name security product
VeriSign, a provider of digital trust services, has
released enhancements to its Digital Brand Manager, a
web-based domain name management tool for the enterprise.

Domain Name Issues In Russia
How are domain names dealt with in Russia? This article
discusses current issues related to the registration and
assignment of domain names in ".ru" zone (Russian top level
country code domain) and trademark protection on Internet.

Rolling Out The New .Pro Domain
Professionals can extend their online identities and direct
traffic using .pro - the last of seven new top-level domain
names approved by the International Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Individuals and
entities in the accounting, legal and medical professions
became eligible to apply to defensively register as of
April 23, 2003. In July, .pro domain names will go live.


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