Business name validation algorithms for .au regos

Business name validation algorithms for .au regos

From: Lucian Daniel Kafka <luci§>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 14:31:34 +1000

Has anyone developed an efficient way of verifying an Australian business 
name/number for domain registration purposes - and wants to share the approach?

Letting the business number checksum and ABR/ASIC parsing aside, there are 
different approaches in Business Name string matching - regex, oliver, 
levenshtein, soundex, etc... however all need tweaking to confidently do a 
best-effort match on the business name people type in an application form 
and the actual registered legal name of a respective business.

As a side issue - shouldn't the business name stored at AusRegistry be 100% 
identical with the name returned from the government registries?  The names 
are presumably validated and matching their associated business number, 
however the exact name integrity is not enforced.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards,

Lucian Kafka
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