.nz Registrar for sale

.nz Registrar for sale

From: DPF <david§farrar.com>
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 19:01:58 +1200
On the presumption that a number of .au registrars are on this list,
and may be interested in this sale, I hope no-one objects to this
marginally on topic posting.


"InternetNZ (www.internetnz.net.nz), the .nz ccTLD Manager, is selling
Domainz (www.domainz.net.nz). Domainz was the .nz registry and sole
registrar until October 2002 and since the introduction of a new
shared registry system has become a registrar for .nz domain names.

InternetNZ believes it is a conflict of interest to own a registrar,
as well as owning the new registry (www.nzrs.net.nz) and also act as
market regulator (www.dnc.org.nz), so it decided last year to sell
Domainz by 30 September 2003 when its role as a stabilising registrar

Domainz is the dominant registrar in the .nz market. 

A copy of the sale notice is online
(http://www.internetnz.net.nz/sale-of-domainz-nbr-ad.pdf) and sets out
how interested parties can gain a copy of the sale information
memorandum by contacting Tim Russell (timrussell&#167;deloitte.co.nz) of
Deloitte Corporate Finance." 

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