international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 23:15:16 +1000 (EST)
auDA announces changes for
The .au Domain Administration (auDA) will hand over
responsibility for the domain space to
limited from June 12 onwards, a media release says.

Notification of change of operation for the domain
name space
In 2002, the Ministerial Council for Education, Employment,
Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA), the Australian Vice
Chancellor’s Committee (AVCC), and the .au Domain
Administration Ltd (auDA) agreed that the policy and
registrar function for the domain would be
transferred to authorities representing the interests of
the Australian education and training community.

France's 3rd TV Channel Loses The Same Dispute Twice
Our French readers may wish from time to time to consult
the program listings of their favourite French television
station using its Web site., for example. Or
perhaps But you might not get what you expect
at the latter address; more likely you will find yourself
viewing Korean pornography.

ASA Complaint Upheld Against Domain Reseller
A complaint has been upheld by the UK's Advertising
Standards Authority (ASA) against UK Internet Registry of
London. The company, which is not in fact a registry but
rather a registrar/domain name reseller, was the subject of
a public complaint regarding its use of direct mail.

Existing Country Domains Not Subject To New Dispute Policy
The World Intellectual Property Organization has determined
its position on 'retrospectively registered' geographic
domain names, making it more likely that existing
registrants of domains such as '' can keep
hold of them.

SOUTHAFRICA.COM Petition Launched
The South African Sunday Times has launched a petition in
support of the South African government's attempt to
recover the domain name from the current
registrant, Virtual Countries Inc.

ERC's Response to Comments Received on its ccNSO
The ERC would like to thank the members of the ICANN
community who submitted comments to the ERC's Fifth
Supplemental Implementation Report (Recommendations for the
ccNSO). The ERC particularly appreciates the contributions
of the Governmental Advisory Committee, CENTR, APTLD,
TWNIC, and the At-Large Advisory Committee in submitting
comments on the ERC's recommendations on the ccNSO. The ERC
has carefully reviewed the comments, and provides to the
Public Comment Forum this response to the comments


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